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V.I.P Bungalow-cabin area №7,8
The Cedar Ranch is a perfect example of the classic Russian art of wood craftsmanship and architecture. The “village” is twelve cabins, a Russian bathhouse with a pool and a recreation center. Of course, no ranch would be complete without a genuine well of ice-cold natural spring water!

The Cedar Ranch is your unique opportunity to combine the best of both worlds.

It is located 25 km outside of Gorno-Altaisk, 20 km. from the airport and 7 km. from the “Aisk” bridge which means you can make it to this beautiful spot in the waves of the Katun in 10-20 minutes from the major transport hubs.
the natural habitat of the island has not been fouled by man – quite the opposite – we took extra care to fit the cabins in harmoniously with the native landscape of the island. The walkways are designed after the footpaths in ancient Altai communities. This is a planking made of the Siberian larch (the same wood upon which stands the city of Venice, Italy), makes it easy to move around the Cedar Ranch, without injury to nature.
The word “cedar” in Cedar Ranch is not a touristy gimmick but the essence of the ranch!
All buildings are built from wholesome Altai cedar, prepared in the wilderness of the Taiga. For ages past dwellings built of cedar have been known for their unique microclimate conditioning. Cedar has very powerful bactericidal properties and keeps the air in the home clean and fresh. It also demonstrates thermo-balancing action – in the summer a cedar home is cool, while in the winter it warms up quickly and stays nice and warm. We should also note that the sleep you get in a cedar dwelling is the best, most restorative sleep you’re likely to get anywhere!
And finally,
All of the comforts of civilization are at your disposal. As such, you can rest easy – you have found the perfect opportunity to fully relax, knowing that on one hand you have a quick and easy transfer, full comfort and access to the civilization and on the other – pure mountain air and wild, untamed nature, beset on all sides by the beautiful Katun river.
Parking is available right next to the bridge over the river, leading to the island. The territory is guarded and belongs to the resort.
Parking is included for everyone staying on the island.
This is a must see with your own eyes....!
Bungalow cabin
15 square meter bungalows with your choice of a queen sized bed or two single beds. Extra sleeping can be arranged if necessary.
V.I.P Bungalow-cabin
This is a quiet place, set apart from the main resort, two little houses (bungalow-cabins) and a shower cabin hower cabin hide away from the rush of the outside world.
Это рубленый дом, просторная спальня и уютная гостиная, большой санузел с душевой кабиной и биде, беседкой и зоной барбекю.

Discounts are provided at a stay of more than four days (the Administrator can provide details).

From May 1 to September 31 breakfast is required for purchase (can be paid for on location).

Bungalow location chart

1. Bungalow
2. Bungalow
3. Bungalow
4. Bungalow
5. Bungalow
6. Bungalow
7. Bungalow in the VIP area
8. Bungalow in the VIP area
9. Bungalow
10. Bungalow
11. Bungalow
12. Bungalow
13. Administration
14. Shower area
15. Dining hall / banquet area
16. The gym
17. Billiards
18. VIP area gazebo
19. Cedar bathhouse with a poo
20. Russian bathhouse
21. Tsar-terem
Is served in a cozy dining hall decorated with cedar walls and wooden furniture. We offer complex dining packages (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and orders a-la carte. We can also host banquets for up to thirty persons.
Bathhouse with a pool

The private area includes a real-life cedar-cut Russian bathhouse complete with a resting area. The panoramic window opens up to the amazing view of the river Katun rushing swiftly by.

When you come out of the steam room you can take a swim at the attached swimming pool and afterwards have a cup of herbal tea made of locally-picked herbs.

We must note that the water in the bathhouse is heated in a special-made stainless steel boiler, so that you may wash in crystal-clear artesian water that has not been in contact with oxidizing metal.


Here at the Cedar Ranch cabin resort you can spend time doing more than just enjoying the views of the virgin forest around you, but also partaking in its fruits – the island is full of medicinal herbs, berries and mushrooms, most of which are suitable for culinary purposes (although you should ask one of our professional staff for advice first). In the spring you can have a drink of real birch juice!

Grayling salmon fishing

Fishing enthusiasts will be glad to know that at any time they can grab a fishing rod and test their “fisherman’s luck” or to go fishing under the careful watch of an experienced fishing instructor

The river is rich with fat minnow and heavy rudd, the experienced fisherman can even get grayling (but this will requires knowledge and patience).

Located not far from the resort is the “Siberian coin” casino. In walking distance of the resort are popular dance halls.
One can also visit the lakes Manzherok, Aia, Biryuza katun that are close to the resort.

Special offer:

The Cedar Ranch resort offers a free conference hall – what a better way to get to know your business partners than to spend a few days with them in our comfortable wilderness! (free).

We also have a large gym area where you and your friends can practice anything from yoga to aerobics. (free).

For those who lead an active lifestyle

the resort offers excursions to the Altai Mountains

from comfortable daytrips and one-nighters for the beginners to longer ones for the more seasoned traveler.
Accommodation costs
Bungalow-cabins №1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,122500 rubles/person/dayFor two persons
breakfast is included
Bungalow-cabin extra person1500 rubles/person/dayGrown-ups
breakfast is included
Bungalow-cabin extra child (7-9)800 rubles/person/dayKids
breakfast is included
Bungalow-cabin extra child (10-14)1000 rubles/person/dayKids
breakfast is included
Bungalow-cabins №1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,124000 rubles/person/dayFor one person
breakfast is included
VIP Bungalow-cabin area №7,811500 rubles/dayFor the entire area (Four persons)
breakfast is included
VIP Bungalow-cabin area №7,8 extra person2000 rubles/dayFor one person
breakfast is included
Tsar-terem7500 rubles/dayFor two persons
breakfast is included
Tsar-terem9000 rubles/dayFor three persons
breakfast is included
Tsar-terem10000 rubles/dayFor four persons
breakfast is included
Children six and underFree
Breakfast is available from 01.05 on 31.09 (other days will receive a discount in the amount of the cost of breakfast, details at reception).
Discounts are provided at a stay of more than four days (the Administrator can provide details).
8:30 to 11:00
Complex dining (breakfast, lunch, dinner)1500 people per personBreakfast 8:30-11:00
Lunch 13:00-15:00
Dinner 18:00-20:00
A-lacarte Menufrom 12:00 to 20:00
Banquet menuTo be discussedfrom 12:00 to 22:00
Breakfast is available from 01.06 on 31.08 (other days will receive a discount in the amount of the cost of breakfast, details at reception).
Additional services
Shower usage100 rubles per personIncluded in the cost of the stay
Bathhouse for up to six persons2500 rubles per hour2000 every next hour
Bathhouse for up to six persons4000 rubles per hourfor two hours, 2000 every next hour
Bathhouse for each person over six250 rubles per person
Grill200 rublesNew, remains with you
New grill for the grillfrom 350 rublesNew, remains with you
Tourist padby requestNew, remains with you
Air blower for the grill100 rublesNew, remains with you
20 liter kazan cooking dish500 rublesRent per day
20 liter kazan cooking dish + chefFrom 5000 rubles
Cooking dish for fish soup 8 liters350 rublesRent per day
A pile of firewood200 rubles
Gazebo with furniture, fireplace and lighting600 rublesFour hour rent
No animals allowed
+7 905 984 7777
+7 909 508 3888
Driving directions

Address: Russia, Altai krai, Altai raion, Aiski tract, 53

Navigator coordinates: N51o52.494', E85o45.949'

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